Sheet Metal Forming

For more than 50 years HOLIFA has developed high quality metal forming lubricants for the sheet metal industry. During this period we have gained great experience from direct co-operations with domestic and international customers which is being used together with the latest scientific results to develop and renew our product range. In addition to our broad standard lubricant portfolio, we also specialized in the development of tailor-made lubricant solutions for sheet metal forming operations.

HOLIFA lubricants are world wide known due to our fineblanking oils. These oils have been developed by us in conjunction with our partner FEINTOOL over the past 30 years. FEINTOOL is the world leader of fineblanking technology and recommends and uses HOLIFA fineblanking oils itself. We are ready to recommend and to supply the right fineblanking oil for any fineblanking operation and for all commonly fineblanked types of sheet metal. 

Beyond our famous fineblanking oil series we have a great variety of very well established stamping oils, drawing oils, forming oils and anti-corrosion oils for any forming operation in the sheet metal business.

Fineblanking oils

Our product portfolio contains the right fineblanking oil for any application. We are ready to recommend and offer chlorine-free as well as chlorine containing HOLIFA fineblanking oils for any fineblanking operation.

Chlorinated fineblanking oils

Our world wide known HOLIFA HFF series contains a number of extremely powerful chlorine containing fineblanking oils for mild steel as well as for stainless steel fineblanking operations with the highest degrees of difficulty as well as for extreme fineblanking operations of aluminium. Like in case of chlorine-free fineblanking oils we will advise you to find the best HOLIFA HFF fineblanking oil depending on the steel grade, tensile strength, thickness of the material and geometry of the resulting parts. 

In recent years we have developed an additional chlorine containing fineblanking oil series called HOLIFA B 50. This series bases on the technical experience gained during the development of the HFF series but represents economically optimised alternative oils which can substitute HFF fineblanking oils in many fields of application.

Chlorine-free fineblanking oils

Our chlorine-free fineblanking oil series HOLIFA VP 1125 and HOLIFA VP 1127 contain a number of oil grades with different viscosities and additive contents covering the whole spectrum of oils which are needed to fineblank all different ferritic steel qualities. Our service and sales experts are able to advise you in finding the right chlorine-free fineblanking oil depending on the steel grade, tensile strength, thickness of the material and geometry of the resulting parts. Our chlorine-free fineblanking oils HOLIFA VP 842 and HOLIFA VP 850 B are especially developed and tailor-made for fineblanking of non-ferrous metals and aluminium sheet metal grades. 

For extremely difficult fineblanking operations like blanking extreme geometries of the resulting parts, very thick sheet metal qualities or fineblanking of stainless steel, where in the past only chlorine containing fineblanking oils have been used, we have developed our new chlorine-free high performance series HOLIFA VP 1150. All grades of this series provide outstanding and ultimate lubrication properties in fineblanking applications, which up to now could only be provided by chlorine containing lubricants. We can supply these oils in a unique bandwidth of different viscosities between 80 cSt at 40°C and 400 cSt at 40°C enabling us to offer tailor-made solutions for your individual fineblanking process and post treatment of the resulting parts.

Drawing and forming oils

Our product range of drawing and stamping oils contains products for any deep drawing and forming operation and any material quality and material grade. We can offer high quality chlorine-free drawing oils with different additive content and different viscosities for your drawing and forming process. Our facility also allows us to modify any oil grade to make it tailor-made for your individual forming process. In addition, our product range contains a number of chlorinated oils for extreme applications like stainless steel deep drawing operations.

Chlorinated drawing and forming oils

Our HOLIFA RVP 60 series contains chlorinated drawing and forming oils, which allow drawing and forming operations of stainless steel with the highest degrees of difficulty regarding drawing ratio and material quality. These oils are to recommend if chlorine-free alternatives are not the lubricant system of choice due to technical or economical reasons.

Chlorine-free drawing and forming oils

In addition to our chlorine-free HOLIFA VP 1145 drawing oil series which contains standard products in the viscosity range between 20 and 200 mm2/s we have lately developed our outstanding HOLIFA RVP 148 CF series in co-operation with esteemed customers. This new generation of drawing oil enables the chlorine-free production of extremely complicated parts, which in the past have only been produced by use of chlorine containing oils. Even complicated stainless steel parts can now be produced by use of this high-performance oils. We can offer RVP 148 CF oil grades in a wide range of different viscosities between 80 cSt at 40°C and 600 cSt at 40°C. This unique bandwidth of viscosities enables us to offer tribological optimized lubricant solutions to our customers. 

Stamping oils

Our standard product range of stamping oils contains oils for any stamping operation and any material. We are ready to supply volatile hydrocarbon based oils as well as chlorine-free stamping oils in any viscosity and various chlorinated oils for extreme stamping operations.

Volatile stamping oils

Our HOLIFA VP 1190 series of hydrocarbon-based volatile stamping oils consists of a number of products with different flash points, ratio of evaporation and additive content to enable us to recommend the right product for any application where volatile oils are to be used. Additionally, we are ready to supply tailor-made products fulfilling the individual requirements of our customers.

Chlorine-free stamping oils

Our HOLIFA VP 1177 series contains a number of chlorine-free stamping oils. This series covers the whole needed spectrum of products with different viscosities and additive contents for all commonly performed stamping processes and for different materials like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

Chlorine containing stamping oils

Our HOLIFA B 50 series contains chlorinated stamping oil for extreme stamping processes with very high degrees of difficulty where chlorine-free are demanded by our customers and therefore the product of choice.

Anti-corrosion oils

Our product range contains a series of anti-corrosion oils which are volatile hydrocarbon. Based on highly refined mineral oils they are suitable to provide corrosion protection for any kind of application.

Our anti-corrosion oil series, HOLIFA DW, contains products in all viscosity classes which are free of Barium. The volatile hydrocarbon based products are developed to be of very mild odor and with defined anti-corrosion abilities depending on the customers needs. Additionally, we are ready to develop and offer tailor-made products according to customers requirements and demands in that product range.