Special Lubricants

For more than 60 years HOLIFA develops high-quality metal forming lubricants for the sheet metal and the wire industry in co-operation with national and international customers as well with well-known research institutions. During this intensive work with customers and research partners, we also become aware of new tribological problems and approaches for the solution of them. 

The products resulting from these efforts are summarized in the subcategory “Special Lubricants”. It currently contains lubricants aluminium hot forming and cleaning as well as high-quality lubricants for cold massive forming.

Lubricants for hot forming of Aluminium

HOLIFA has developed a new generation of powder lubricants which are tailor-made for non-isothermal hot forming of aluminium and free of problematic ingredients like molybdenum disulfide, boron nitride, graphite, PTFE or silicone oils. This so-called HOLIFA HTP lubricant series is successfully tested by renowned research institutions as well as well-known industrial producers and optimized to enable the industrial mass production of aluminium parts under HFQ® conditions. 

In combination with our tailor-made cleaner HOLIFA CS 81 the HOLIFA HTP series lubricants provide residue-free and environmentally friendly production of high-quality aluminium parts of 6xxx and 7xxx series. For more detailed information you are welcome to contact us.

Cold massive forming

The cold massive forming of screws and fasteners demand and create very high surface pressures between tool and workpiece. From the tribological point of view, this process requires high-performance forming lubricants which can build up pressure-resistant layers during the process to prevent the tools from wear and breakage while reducing the friction for smooth surfaces of the metal parts. 

Our HOLIFA FP 1292 series of cold massive forming oils with several different viscosities provides outstanding high process reliability and excellent performance in all fields of cold massive forming operations.