Wire drawing

For more than 60 years now, HOLIFA develops, produces and distributes high quality metal forming lubricants for the wire drawing industry. The very short distance of our development and production plant to a great number of wire drawing companies in our local area of South Westphalia, Germany allowed us to gain great experience in the field of wire drawing and its lubrication. These direct co-operations with local customers represent the basis of our product range, which continuously undergoes optimization processes.

This long lasting experience enables us to offer the full bandwidth of lubricants that is being used in the wire drawing business. Beyond commonly used drawing powders and drawing emulsions we are also able to supply drawing oils, drawing pastes and fully synthetic special lubricant powders for all imaginable applications and materials. In addition to our broad standard lubricant portfolio, we are specialized on the development of tailor-made lubricant solutions for special wire drawing operations.

Drawing powders

Our product range of wire drawing powders covers the whole spectrum of different stearate and soap types which are commonly used in wire drawing industry production lines.

The HOLIFA EZ series and the HOLIFA B400 series are known and highly regarded worldwide. Our calcium stearates are of the highest quality containing powders with different fat contents covering the whole bandwidth of needed  calcium stearate types for all applications.

Our sodium stearate series is called HOLIFA CO series and is also well-known in the world of wire drawing. This product series consists of a number of products with different additive contents for the whole field of application of sodium stearates.

For some wire drawing operations the use of mixture of calcium sodium stearates represent the best technical solution. Therefore, our HOLIFA PF series contains a number of powders which combine the advantages of both stearate types. In certain production processes the use of our PF series enables our customers to run their whole drawing process with only one drawing powder substituting the classical way where a calcium soap is used in the first die boxes and a sodium soap in the following ones. 

In recent years, we additionally developed a number of fully synthetic and partly synthetic drawing powders representing our HOLIFA W series for special applications, where sodium or calcium soaps do not provide best results.

Drawing pastes

Our product portfolio contains a number of high quality drawing pastes, which have been developed to enable our customers to produce very clean wire surfaces and nearly residue-free wire qualities accompanied by long die lifetimes. The great experience and knowledge that we gained from developing sheet metal forming lubricants always provides great support during the development of our wire drawing pastes.

We can offer water miscible pastes from our HOLIFA TRE series as well as non water miscible drawing pastes from our HOLIFA RVP series. Our RVP series contains chlorine-free products as well as chlorinated products, depending on the application and the customers demands.

Drawing oils

HOLIFA wire drawing oils are one of our extra specialties due to the fact that we are also successfully working in the development and production of sheet metal forming lubricants. For the development of wire drawing oils we take benefit from the knowledge and experiences that we gained from the development and the application of drawing and forming oils for the sheet metal industry. Our product range contains chlorine-free wire drawing oils as well as chlorinated oils in different viscosities for any imaginable wire drawing application where drawing oils are the lubricant of choice. For some applications wire drawing oils can represent an extra ordinary alternative to emulsions because of the possibility to run drawing processes with greater reductions of the cross sectional area. In addition, drawing oils can successfully substitute drawing powders in certain wire drawing processes.

The HOLIFA AS 100 series contains a number of chlorinated oils with different viscosities which were especially developed for stainless steel wire drawing processes. These oils are strong enough to allow relatively great cross sectional area reductions and relatively high drawing speeds. The HOLIFA AS 200 series consists of chlorine-free wire drawing oils with different viscosities and additive contents depending on the needs for steel wire drawing as well as for stainless steel wire drawing. For the drawing of aluminum wire, our chlorine-free HOLIFA AS 300 series contains the right product for any production process from the rod breakdown up to the fine wire drawing.

Drawing emulsions

The use of drawing emulsions is the best choice for certain wire drawing applications. We are ready to supply the right emulsion for any imaginable application in the field of wire drawing. 

In case of iron and steel wire drawing our HOLIFA PS series enables the production of extremely clean and bright shiny wire surfaces.

Our emulsion series HOLIFA Pakorol consists of water-free concentrates which are straight forward from the economical point of view and are tailor-made for copper coated steel wire productions as well as for copper wire drawing.

Additionally, our HOLIFA SA series completes our portfolio of water soluble products. HOLIFA SA concentrates provide non-milky solutions and have extra ordinary abilities in certain fields of special applications, where transparent and nearly residue-free surfaces are demanded.